Regents raise tuition

The Board of Regents for Higher Education, which governs four state universities, 12 community colleges and Charter Oak State College, approved an increase in tuition and fees for the system’s nearly 100,000 students on Thursday, March 21.

The Board’s Finance Committee had previously approved the increase on March 14.

The tuition and fee increases for 2014 at the community colleges and state universities include:

• Connecticut State Universities (Undergraduate): in-state, 5.1% or $434 to $8,990 per year; in-state residential, 4.1% or $778 to $19,897; out-of-state residential, 4.1% to $31,402;

• Connecticut Community Colleges: full time, 5.25% or $188, including fees to $3,786; part-time, 5.25% or $8 per extension credit, plus fees.

• Charter Oak State College: $13 per credit, to $258 per credit, in-state; College fee, $9 per semester to $180 per semester.

Under a policy adopted by the former Board of Governors for Higher Education, institutions must set aside 15% of tuition dollars for institutional financial aid purposes.