Mass Mob — A new way of looking at prayer

Mass Mob Fairfield County will be held at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, 12 Cottage Street, in Danbury, on Sunday, Feb. 22, at 10:30 a.m. Mass Mob Fairfield County hopes to support other parishes, celebrate the liturgy and improve the prayer lives of participants by taking a new approach to going to church.

As reported in the New York Times, flash mobs are proliferating throughout the world — Catholic youth in Fairfield County are taking the idea one step further by joining the ‘Mass Mob’ movement already popular.

Everyone is welcome to join in the third Mass Mob in Fairfield County. The first two drew about 200 faithful from all over Fairfield County and Mass Mob plans on growing from there. Mass Mob will help its participants see other parishes and how they celebrate the liturgy, to support other parishes and to improve their own prayer lives. Mass Mob will encourage people to go to Mass in a different place they normally wouldn’t go. The hope is to connect the diocese — people will meet other people from across the diocese, see new churches, meet new priests and support other churches — just by getting more people to go to Mass.

“Just by showing up to a church at a particular time, you’re helping to build bridges all across the diocese; you’re helping other parishes; you’re meeting new people; you’re experiencing different ways to give thanks to God. You get to do all of this simply by showing up to Mass and praying!” said Katie-Scarlett Calcutt, spokesperson for Mass Mob Fairfield County.

“Pope Francis has encouraged young people to ‘make a mess in their dioceses’, and Bishop Caggiano (of the Diocese of Bridgeport), has urged us all to cultivate a welcoming spirit — this is a new way of doing just that.”