March Madness for Hillcrest Middle School's Penny War

As March approached, Hillcrest Middle School’s National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) began preparing for the school’s “March Madness Penny War.” This is a school-wide activity where homerooms are broken up into four teams and compete against each other to see which team is capable of raising the most money. All money raised will be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation and other charities that support cancer patients.
The Penny War aims to get kids involved in a fun, competitive school activity, while also educating kids about the importance of helping and giving to those in need. This year the school has decided to raise the bar to $5,000, but would be honored to donate any amount of money to these worthy causes.
The Penny War will begin the same day as the NBA’s March Madness, Tuesday, March 19, and will last until Friday, March 29. The National Junior Honor Society will begin collecting and counting pennies on Tuesday, and encourage students and parents to participate in the March Madness Penny War.