Lauralton Hall announces honor roll for second quarter

Principal Ann Pratson of The Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, Lauralton Hall has announced the following students fromTrumbull who made the honor roll for the second quarter.

High Honors

Grade 12: Isabella Dalena, Michelle DeSantis and Michelle Martire

Grade 11: Brenna Donahue and Brooke Goulden

Grade 9: Kaleigh Calvao and Julia Spillane


Grade 12: Victoria Bresnahan, Melanie Dumitrescu, Jillian Murray and Amanda Perez

Grade 11: Addline Cohane, Amanda Daniel, Mary Spillane and Maria Anna Zdrodowska

Grade 10: Meghan Dougherty, Madison Kustom and Taylor Sojka

Grade 9: Emily Collins, Mai Le Meur and Elizabeth Sargent