Jane Ryan School Walkathon raises more than $39,500

Two Jane Ryan School moms, Jillian Boccuzzi and Courtney Hamilton, along with a team of helpers, brought the first Jane Ryan School Walkathon from it's inception to an unbelievable, successful and memorable event. The Walkathon replaces the gift wrap sale, raising funds that will directly benefit the students and teachers of Jane Ryan.

Starting off with a goal of $12,000, Jane Ryan students and their families quickly met the challenge and soared beyond anyone's expectations to raise more than $39,500 for Jane Ryan School.  

On Friday, Sept. 29, Jane Ryan students and staff started the day off with the Walkathon. The route was decorated with signs the kids made themselves. Parents came to cheer them on. Jane Ryan School spirit was on display for all to see.

To encourage the kids to keep raising money, gym teacher Stephen Hackett, was duct taped to the wall by the kids who raised the most money.

Ten teachers and staff, including Principal Mary Ellen Bolton, had pies thrown in their face also by top earners.

There were winners by classroom, grade, and individual top earners. Top earner was 5th grader Michael Inesta.

Donations will continue to be accepted through Friday, Oct. 6.

Donate and see total at secure.eventsonline.us/reg/getmovincrew/pub/school/756.