Hillcrest club plants gum trees

The Hillcrest Middle School Ecology and Sustainability Club has planted two sweet gum trees to replace some of the trees that were blown over in the October 2011 snowstorm.

The idea for this project came from Steven Stanton, now a freshman at Trumbull High School. Steven used old images from Google maps that showed the locations of the trees to convince Principal Stafford Thomas that the club should plant new trees.

The Ecology and Sustainability Club raised the money for the trees through the sale of upcycled notebooks. The notebooks are made by cutting paper in half and binding them into notebooks.

“We wanted to raise our money in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner,” Janet Cunningham, the advisor for the club said. “Much of the paper that was getting recycled was only printed on one side; it was a waste to not use it again.”

Upcycled notebooks can also be purchased for $3 from the Trumbull Public Library.

Planter’s Choice Nursery in Newtown provided the club with the trees which were planted on Friday, Arbor Day. Music was provided by the Hillcrest Middle School String Orchestra, conducted by Jennifer Winschel.