Finalists participate in National Invention Convention

Seventeen finalists, all 5th graders from Trumbull, participated in the National Invention Convention in Dearborn, Michigan from May 31-June 2.

Pictured are, in the first row: Isabella Cabral, Riley Connolly, Charlotte Lewis, Emmett White, Maddie Wilkins, and Isabella DiMarino. Back row: Noah Scrofani, Teddy Eisenman, Taylor Berko, Erica Laurentino, Jocelyn VanStone, Juliana Hemond, and James Millman-Perlah.

Missing from top photo and pictured at left: Chloe Speights and Avery Vitucci from Booth Hill School.

Juliana Hemond from Jane Ryan won the National Industry Award for Agriculture and Animal Care.

Missing from photo: Rui Pato and Ben Parente from Frenchtown. Ben was unable to attend the convention.