FULL TEXT: Iassogna retirement letter

After a great deal of reflection and with mixed emotions, I submit this letter of intent to retire from the Trumbull Public Schools effective June 30, 2013.

At that time, I will have completed 46 years in education, the past 39 of which have been in Trumbull. In that time, I have served in many capacities, including Principal of both Tashua and Center Schools, Assistant Superintendent, and for the past 14 years as your Superintendent.

I have been most fortunate to serve and lead a school system of such quality. The Trumbull Public Schools always will be special to me and I leave with many fond memories which I will cherish forever.

To attain and maintain the level of success the Trumbull Public Schools has achieved, I give my sincere thanks and deep appreciation to what I consider were the key partners that have moved Trumbull forward and thrust us to a higher standard:

• a receptive and motivated student body;

• a strong and responsive Board of Education;

• involved and caring parent groups;

• engaged Town officials;

• a supportive Trumbull community; and, of course,

• our talented, invested and wonderful group of certified and non-certified staff who contribute in their own special and unique way to ensure a successful school experience.

Working together toward our common goal of providing quality educational and ancillary programs to meet the divergent and expanding needs of our 7,000 students, I applaud these groups for the many contributions and accomplishments we have garnered, including:

• Trumbull Public Schools' significant contribution to Trumbull being named by Family Circle Magazine as the 7th best Town for Families to Live in the United States; A Community Committed to Excellence

• Trumbull Public Schools' key role in Connecticut Magazine's selection of Trumbull as the State's 9th best Town to Live with a population range of 25,000-50,000.

• Trumbull Public Schools' recognition as a highly regarded district as assessed by independent sources such as School Digger, CNN and Relocate America.

• Trumbull High School graduation rate of 99+%, 94% of whom continue on to college, with acceptances into the Most Competitive and Highly Competitive categories remaining strong.

• Numerous district/school recognitions and awards, the foundations of which were built upon academic prowess and social interactions.

• Solid district CMT results, particularly cohort comparisons; steadily progressing CAPT scores reflecting that students in grade 10 are performing well compared to the State categories; and College Board SAT scores that also reflect positive student gains.

• Strong emphasis on providing for our youngest population as evidenced by our preschool initiatives (Trumbull Early Childhood Education Center) and successful implementation of our Full Day Kindergarten Program that already has reaped praise from our school community.

• The district's commitment to meet the challenging needs of our special education population, an example of which is the development and implementation of our K-12 autistic programs.

• Facility expansion to accommodate the system's enrollment and programmatic needs as reflected by the construction of the Trumbull Early Childhood Education Center, Frenchtown Elementary School, the Agriscience and Biotechnology Center, and the Trumbull High School Renovate as New project.

These accomplishments are indicative of the Trumbull Public Schools culture that is based on collaboration, mutual respect and support. I am humbled to be the recipient of this advocacy.

I thank my past and current Boards of Education for their strong support and assistance, and for allowing me to pursue and achieve my personal and professional goals. A special note of appreciation to my recent Board Chairs whom I closely have worked with the last seven years —Edward "Ted" Lovely and Stephen Wright. Their guidance, insights, and leadership have made me a better person and educator; and I forever will be indebted to an early mentor and former Board Member, the late Arthur Kaiser.

Please know that I stand ready to assist you in any way, both during and after the selection process for my replacement. I leave in June as a very proud, fortunate and appreciative Superintendent of Schools!!! Thank You!!