Daniels Farm School celebrates the arts

The 15th Annual Celebration of the Arts was held on May 15. This event was conceived by parents in 1999 with one goal: to inspire an interest in the arts by bringing music, dance and the fine arts into the hands and hearts of students.

Various forms of art, including theater arts, performing arts, visual arts and musical arts were all part of the day. This year’s event brought together a variety of different artists from our community, some of whom are DFS parents, DFS alumni, teachers and parent volunteers. The featured performer this year was Tony Republicano, who performed Project Improv: Where you are the Star!

The COTA committee also introduced the first annual “T-Shirt Art” contest. Students were asked to design the artwork for the traditional T-shirts. The winning entry, created by Neya in fourth grade, graced both the T-shirts and the cover of the COTA program this year.