Campus News

Assumption College — Emily Grillo, class of 2020, is spending the spring semester abroad, studying in Italy.
Dean's List
Champlain College — Steven Baumann, majoring in Computer Science and Innovation; Thomas Melia, majoring in Law; Brianna Tesei, majoring in Psychology; Alexander Zimmerman, majoring in Computer Networking & Cybersecurity
Eastern Connecticut State University — Nicole Goldman, class of 2020, Social Work major; Julie Keckler, class of 2022, Physical Education major; Shaun Kennedy, class of 2019, Finance major; Elizabeth Kramer, class of 2022, Elementary Education and Communication major; Luke Montanaro, class of 2022, Accounting major; Evelyn Musto, class of 2022, Secondary Education and English major; Ashley Smith, class of 2020, Elementary Education and Spanish major; Amy Smith, class of 2020, Mathematics major; Elisabeth Stankevitz, class of 2021, Political Science major; Corinne Turk, class of 2020, Theatre major; Brittany Whitmeyer, class of 2019, Health Sciences major; Kylie Whitmeyer, class of 2020, Secondary Education and English major
Ithaca College — Lauren Chase, Public and Community Health major; Kara Bowen, Integrated Marketing Communications major; Zachary Vartuli, Writing for Film, Television, and Emerging Media major
Northeastern University — Madeline Weinstein, majoring in Mathematics; Ava Gallo, majoring in Environmental Studies/Intl Affair; Logan FitzGibbons, majoring in Business Administration; Thomas Nguyen, majoring in Comp Sci/Business Administration; Kristi Bui, majoring in Computer Science; Vishal Ramesh, majoring in Computer Science; Ashwin Sambasivam, majoring in Computer Science; Cristian Piraneque, majoring in Bioengineering; Madeline Cohen, majoring in Psychology
Tuft’s University — Jessica Parillo
University of Delaware — Daniel Isaac, Jessica Ganim, Raman Dhingra, Sarah Dwyer, Elizabeth Masi, Alexa Pellenberg, Victoria Gutowski, John Leonard, Jayna Pacelli, Nicolas Gomez-Colon, Zachary Lombardi, Kelly Shouvlin, Isabel Berte, Lauren Scaccia, Laura LaMastra
University of New Hampshire — Catherine Allen, High Honors; Catherine Micinilio, High Honors; Eleanor Rocco, High Honors; Megan Switzgable, High Honors; Nicholas Vitale, Honors; Bailey Brooks, High Honors; Nicole Marzulli, High Honors
President's List
Champlain College — Maggie Maloney