Campus News

Delaware Valley University — Natalie Buonaiuto has been selected for an academic merit scholarship.

Eastern Connecticut State University — Dylan Garrison, class of 2017, majoring in Biology, participated in a global field course (GFC) to conduct research in the Mojave and Great Basin Deserts. Students stopped to hike at Big Dunes in Nevada and conducted scorpion, vegetation, arachnid and herpetofauna surveys. They camped at various campgrounds including one near Lone Pine, CA, and Death Valley National Park. They also hiked the Sierra Nevada and Death Valley National Park regions, visited the Baldwater Basin salt flats, Amboy Crater, Kelso Dunes and a number of other locales. The students were also able to tour a joshua tree forest.
Dean’s List
Nichols College — Robert Christiani, Tyler Plofkin