Campus News

Castleton University — Jared Platt has registered for the fall and will be attending.

Eastern Connecticut State University — Madeline Tatto, class of 2018, spent a month this summer in Florence, Italy, in a global field course called Creative Writing Abroad. Her major is in Elementary Education and Liberal Studies. Students gathered for writing workshops at SACI-Studio Arts College International (in Florence)-and immersed themselves in Italian culture as they visited the famed cities of Fiesole, Siena, San Gimignano, Lucca and Pisa.

Alyka Lara, a science student majoring in Biology, returned from a study abroad trip in Ghana this August. The purpose of the two-week trip was to introduce students to the health care system of a developing country. Trip highlights included two days at Mampong Hospital, a rural facility where the students observed two live births. "Students got to see a cesarean section and hold a five-minute old baby, which is an unparalleled experience," said trip supervisor Rochelle Gimenez, a biology professor at Eastern. Students also spent time at an orphanage and gained first-hand knowledge of the local infrastructure while touring a water-treatment plant and an environmental health/sanitation center. They also visited local markets, a wildlife preserve, a monkey sanctuary, a cultural center, a rainforest, and learned about the slave trade at Cape Coast Castle.
Dean’s List
Merrimack College — Molly Meehan, Jacob Howes, Sarah Polzello