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Many Eastern Connecticut State University students participate in Eastern's clubs during the academic year.

Brian Hnatuk '19, Accounting Society. Hnatuk's major is Accounting; Ryan Monaco '16, Accounting Society. Monaco's major is Accounting; Brianna Passero '16,  Accounting Society. Passero's major is Accounting; Kayla Ray '18, Accounting Society. Ray's major is Accounting; Amber Domond '19,  UNICEF Club. Domond's major is Biochemistry; Caitlyn Longwell '18, Gymnastics Club. Longwell's major is Biochemistry; Dylan Garrison '18, Rugby Club. Garrison's major is Biology; Alyka Lara '18, Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS). Lara's major is Biology; Jason Micalizzi '19, American Marketing Association (AMA). Micalizzi's major is Business Administration; Samuel Watson '19, Ice Hockey Club. Watson's major is Business Administration; Manuel Pereira '16, Eastern Finance Association. Pereira's major is Business Administration and Finance; Jason Lima '16, Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP). Lima's major is Business Information Systems; Christopher McMenamey '16, Fishing Club. McMenamey's major is Communication; Tyler Ruderman '16, Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP). Ruderman's major is Communication; Ryan Tyler '19, Gamer's Guild. Tyler's major is Communication; James Hovanec '19, MALES Organization. Hovanec's major is Computer Science; Matthew Curtis '19, Entrepreneurship Club. Curtis's major is Exploratory Professional Studies; Shaun Kennedy '18, Ice Hockey Club. Kennedy's major is Finance; Cory Watson '16, Ice Hockey Club. Watson's major is Finance; Natalie Charpentier '19, Pre-Health Society. Charpentier's major is Health Sciences; Samantha Vreeland '17, Photography Club. Vreeland's major is New Media Studies; Meghan Esposito '19, Habitat for Humanity Club. Esposito's major is Pre-Elementary Education and English; Samantha Ryan '19, Best Buddies Club. Ryan's major is Pre-Secondary Education Certification and English.

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