Campus News

Dean’s List

Boston University — Matthew A. DeGennaro, Eliza S. Durfee.

Rochester Institute of Technology — Christopher Surrusco, mechanical engineering technology program.

Degrees earned

Assumption College — Ally Landrigan, Bachelor’s degree in Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies on May 17.

Boston University — Stephanie E. Bont, Bachelor of Arts in Biology; Vincent A. DeGenova, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Cum Laude; Christopher T. Muller, Master of Science in Insurance Management; Rachel A. Hart, Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a Specialization in Neurobiology.

State University of New York at New Paltz — James Wilk, Bachelor of Arts in English on May 18.

Union College — Sean Collison, a Physics and Mathematics major, graduated cum laude and received a Bachelor of Science degree on Sunday, June 15.