Jane Ryan third graders await the Jane Ryan Circus, an annual event which was the brainchild of art teacher Linda Bryk. This idea developed after Bryk attended a workshop at The Barnum Museum run by Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. The workshop showed how incorporating a circus theme into school through music, physical education, art, science and literature could inspire learning. The students create art for the circus, so it also becomes an art show. Every child in the school will have their art displayed somewhere in Jane Ryan during the week of the circus.

Kindergarteners are making a circus train out of paper; first graders are putting together little circus’ in Clementine or oatmeal boxes with miniature animals; second graders are making life-size jumping jacks; third graders are making clown masks; fourth graders are the publicity department making the posters for the circus; and fifth graders work in groups to create miniature circuses out of found junk. Fourth and fifth graders are also the performers. A one-ring circus is created in the school’s gym.