Young artists honored at 'Reflections' event

Students throughout Trumbull’s Public School District had a chance to test the limits of creativity, through dance, literature, visual arts, music and more in the 2014 Reflections program.

The program is organized locally each year by Trumbull PTSA but it is also a statewide and national competition. The National PTA Reflections is the nation’s oldest and largest arts education program of its kind.

Trumbull’s first place winners gathered last Tuesday at Frenchtown School for a brief award ceremony and photos. A list of statewide winner were also announced and all winners were congratulated by Assistant Superintendent Michael McGrath.

“This is just as impressive as any state title in football or basketball,” McGrath said of statewide winners.

Each artistic piece, submitted by students in pre-kindergarten through high school are recognized for how they bring a theme to life. This year, the theme was “Believe, Dream, Inspire.”

Daniels Farm Elementary student Anna Davis said last week that she felt very “free” when she made her painting, which was one of the local first place winners.

“I did a painting of what I think my mind looks like when I’m inspired,” Anna said.

Hillcrest student Kyle Beck won for literature, a story he wrote, inspired by his sister.

“I wrote how certain people can be inspiring to you, when they don’t even mean to be,” Kyle said.

Ana Carlos of Jane Ryan did a dance performance for the competition.

“I love to dance and I wanted to share it with more people,” Ana said. “Also, I wanted to inspire people to believe in themselves to make a difference in the world and dream big.”

All the first place winner’s work and names are posted at