Video: Bernardino Nieva receives nearly $5,000 from fundraising campaign


Planning & Zoning Chairman Fred Garrity and Town Council Minority Leader Mary Beth Thornton presented Bernardino Nieva with just over $4,700 Sunday, the result of a two-week GoFundMe campaign that drew donations from about 100 people. Thornton was the single largest donor at $500.

Nieva has been in the news recently following a minor bicycle crash, when the community learned that he rides his bicycle to work every day because he cannot afford a car. He and his extended family of 10 live in a rented house on Madison Avenue.

"I was proud to be a part of this, I am so grateful to Fred for his community leadership, always stepping up when anyone is need," Thornton said. "This time I was very happy that I and my family had a chance to be a part of helping this young man who is working so hard for his family, and riding his bicycle to work every day to do it.”