Trumbull's 'Ice Cream Mom' says good-bye

After 17 years of feeding ice cream to the residents of Trumbull, Mary Duffy, known to her customers as Mary the Ice Cream Mom, said good-bye to the ice cream truck that brought her so many memories.

It was sold around the third week of April to a man from the Boston area who is planning to restore the truck and relocate it to Nantucket.

“It was a very rewarding and fun chapter in my life and a difficult decision to pull down the awning and take this final step,” Duffy said. I so much enjoyed the happy children’s shout-outs upon my arrival, and interaction with all the kids and their parents.”

Duffy’s ice cream business started back when her son was in high school and searching for a job. Duffy posed the idea of becoming an ice cream vendor and together they began selling ice cream from a truckthat her son leased. Over time, Duffy’s son moved on to college and Duffy decided to buy the truck and take over the business.

In addition to driving around the streets of Trumbull, Duffy took her truck to concerts, birthday parties, parades, and other events.

Over the years, Duffy collected a number of thank-you cards from grateful customers looking to express their appreciation. She also snapped a photo with Harry Connick Jr, whom she met at one of the concerts she attended, where she served his children ice cream.

Duffy said selling her truck was a “traumatic” loss but it had been on her mind for the past five years. The business was very time-consuming and left little to no room for down time.

“For me, personally, there have been no vacations, attendance to family picnics, weddings or any other of the normal fun family activities,” she said. “I am 65 years old this year and it was time for me.”

Duffy is now soaking up all the time she can get with her husband, family and friends and is looking forward to planning for several trips down the road, including her son’s June wedding in the Bahamas.

“I spend a couple of hours every day at the gym, keeping myself in shape so I can do these things for many years to come,” said Duffy. “For all this I am grateful and now look forward to the next chapter.”