Trumbull celebrates two national Reflections winners

Reflections is an arts program sponsored by the National PTA, and implemented at the town and school level.

This year, Trumbull Public Schools had 199 entries from students in grades kindergarten through twelfth.

Eighteen Trumbull winners went on to place at the state level, while Frenchtown Elementary fifth grader Johannes Rysse and Madison Middle School sixth grader Catherine Xie were two of just 10 students in Connecticut to win the National Reflections Award of Merit.

Johannes’ short story titled “100 Times Upon a Time” is about the book My Father’s Dragon by author Ruth Stiles Gannett.

He wrote in third person, as the book, floating from August 2010 to present time.

“It’s been getting lonely here,” the Frenchtown student said in the introduction. “Nobody takes me out anymore except those dry-minded kids, with no imagination, doing book reports.

“They just skim through me, grab the information they need and return me,” he added. When people grab me off the shelves it’s always ‘Okay, here it is; with a sigh and a groan.

“The last time somebody gently slipped me out of my spot and said, ‘Wow, this looks like an interesting book’ was 5 years ago.”

In his conclusion, Johannes wrote that books nurture and maintain imagination.

“It takes a great imagination to set a story down on the page,” he said. “It also takes a great imagination to make it leap off the page again.”

As for Catherine’s photo — titled “Black, White and Magic,” the Madison student depicted Santa Claus with his reindeer coming into New York City.

Students interested in participating in the 2016-2017 contest can start brainstorming around next year’s theme of, "What is Your Story?"