Trumbull High School would like to announce that on Friday, May 20, 2016, the senior class will be participating in the mock car crash sponsored by the SADD Club (Student Against Destructive Decisions Club).

This important event is designed to illustrate the detrimental effects that distracted and impaired driving has. In order for this simulation to be as realistic as possible, actual Trumbull fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars will arrive “on scene” with lights and sirens, and they will simulate an extrication of the vehicle.

The student actors, in costume with fake injuries and blood, will be placed in pre-wrecked cars that will be placed in the student parking lot. All protocols that first responders deliver will be a part of this demonstration.  

This will be Trumbull High School’s first mock car crash in 13 years. It will be made as realistic as possible to make an impact upon the senior class, who are about to embark on new chapters in their lives.

Residents should know that on the evening of Thursday, May 19th, the cars will be delivered to the high school and will be placed on the front lawn.

If residents hear sirens or see fire engines, students on the lawn, or an ambulance reporting to Trumbull High School on the morning of Friday, May 20, please know that they are simply a part of the mock car crash.

Sara Ellis and Kristina Vaios are the SADD Club's advisors and have helped organize the event.