Town hires new director of nursing

Coleen Figliuzzi, a nationally certified school nurse, with 29 years of nursing leadership experience, has been named the new director of nursing in Trumbull.

Figliuzzi will be replacing Judith Locke as supervisor of public and private school nurses and geriatric nurses at Stern Village and the Trumbull Senior Center. The position salary is $80,000 a year and she starts March 18.

“Coleen has a proven track record of turning things around for the better,” First Selectman Timothy Herbst said. “She will raise the bar.”

Figliuzzi is a Connecticut native who recently moved back to the state with her husband. They live in Milford.

Figliuzzi, an RN, BSN and NCSN, has most recently served as a nurse practice educator and a patient and family educator at a children’s hospital in the Midwest. She formerly served as a school nurse in Florida, where she was named Palm Beach County’s Educator of the Year. She earned her bachelor of science degree in nursing at Fairfield University in 1984.

Herbst said Figliuzzi impressed him and all members of the interviewing committee, especially for introducing award-winning programs in schools. He said she will improve preventative and wellness training as well as bring school nursing programs on par with national health standards.

“Coleen has had a tremendous career where she has served as a role model in the area of school nursing,” Herbst said.

Figliuzzi said she wants to work toward making nursing programs uniform from school to school, so parents know when to expect when their child moves up in the school system.

She said she also looks forward to overseeing geriatric nurses in town.

“Pediatric and geriatric — it seems like the two couldn’t be more different, but it’s very similar,” Figliuzzi said. “In both cases, you are often working with entire families. They are both the most vulnerable populations.”

Figliuzzi said she will spend her first 100 days in the position focusing on getting to know nurses, the school superintendent, central office staff, administrators, and the Board of Education.

“I will also spend time in all of the schools to show my commitment to the students and familiarize myself with their needs.”