Student's efforts help dog get successful surgery

Allison Targowski, an 8th grade student at Madison Middle School saw a post about a dog in need at the Trumbull Animal Shelter she wanted to help. Snickers is a 4-year-old Chihuahua who had been diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes making his vision very impaired and eventually he will go blind. She raised $2,800 to help with Snickers surgery. She opened a GoFundMe account and sold Snickers candy bars.

Snickers had his eye surgery to remove cataracts on May 14, and is recovering well. He was adopted on May 22 to a Trumbull family and is doing great.

Allison would like to thank Trumbull Animal Hospital, Home Veterinary Services, and Jo-Davi for allowing her to sell the candy. Dr. Ostrover from the Trumbull Animal Hospital also gave Allison a generous donation to help with the surgery.

Trumbull Animal Control and Trumbull Animal Group would also like to thank all the other donors in the community who contributed to help Snickers get this surgery. The community response for this wonderful little dog was amazing and now Snickers can live the rest of his life as a normal dog.