State representative candidate Sutherland qualifies for public financing

District 123 Democratic state representative candidate Doug Sutherland’s campaign has qualified for public financing in Connecticut’s Citizens’ Election Program.

“In qualifying for public financing, we have passed a huge milestone in our campaign — raising over $5,000 dollars, including donations from 150 Trumbull residents.” Sutherland said. “The Connecticut’s public financing system levels the playing field and allows the campaign to focus on the concerns of Trumbull residents and on issues and ideas that can best move Trumbull and the state forward, not on building a war chest funded by special interests.

I’m grateful to the many Trumbull residents who helped support my campaign — a campaign to put Trumbull first,” he said.

About his priorities

As a retired engineer, Sutherland said he has no distractions. Trumbull’s priorities are his priorities. He said he plans to focus on greater transparency in government — communicating with the residents of Trumbull so they know what is going on in Hartford and working to bring more tax dollars back to town.

“Obviously, job creation is high on the list of priorities in Trumbull and across the state,” Sutherland said. “To address that issue we have to address our crumbling infrastructure — our roads and bridges — and straighten out the problems with Metro-North. We also have to strengthen our educational system across the board. A modern infrastructure and a well-educated workforce are what will attract new businesses and drive growth across the state.

“We must also do something to stem the crushing property tax burden that is driving our seniors from the town,” he said. “I hear this every day as I go door-to-door, people who love Trumbull, but who cannot afford stay here once they retire. These are my priorities. There is much work to be done and with the support of the voters of the 123rd District, we can put Trumbull first starting in November.”