St. Joseph principal announces proposed trip to Peru

St Joseph High School principal Dr. James Keane sent out a special message to students and parents Friday afternoon, outlining a proposed trip to Lima, Peru.

"Our plan is to take just over a dozen St Joes students to Lima, Peru this June in order to help build houses in one of the poorest slums in the world," he said in the letter.

"In Peru, life expectancy is brutally low," Dr. Keane explained. "Many poor children do not make it to their tenth birthday because of issues related to malnutrition, poor healthcare, contaminated water, etc. And yet, Lima also has one of the highest concentrations of millionaires in the world. Huge concentrations of privilege and wealth surrounded by grinding poverty.

"The trip to Peru will be important for us as a Catholic community of faith. We here in Trumbull have so much to be thankful for and such a trip to Peru may help us more easily make connections to the poverty around us....poverty, frankly, right at our doorstep in Bridgeport.

"I say that because although I am thrilled that this week is Spirit Week and I am excited that this is my first Walk-a-thon, my first Field Day and my first Powder-Puff game....what absolutely blows me away is that this school community has chosen to share this special occasion with a group of third graders from the Caesar Batalla school.

"Those of you who know, the students who will be visiting us today are coming from some extremely difficult backgrounds," Dr. Keane added. "And what St Joes students are doing, what they have decided to do-and trust me, the idea did not come from me---is share some powerful St. Joe's tradition with these kids.

"Let's welcome these kids when them come today with characteristic St Joes enthusiasm and energy and, in the process, give them a sense of what is possible for them in their future. Inviting these student to our campus on field day says a lot about St Joes.

"It suggests a selflessness on the part of this community and a willingness to reach out and embrace the poor wherever they me Bridgeport or in South America."