Reminder to residents to get Trumbull Park Sticker — Note new location

Reminder that you need a 2018 Trumbull Park Sticker by Feb. 15, 2018. 

Visit the Town of Trumbull website for all information regarding the 2018 Park Sticker.

Also, bring a non-perishable food item and donate to the Trumbull Food Pantry for a further discount off Bowtie movie tickets.  

Bowtie movie tickets are sold at Trumbull Parks and Recreation Office year round for $8 each. During the month of February, receive an additional $1 off Bowtie movie tickets. Get $1 off one movie ticket for each item donated. Multiple donations are good towards multiple tickets. (Multiple discounts are not given on one ticket—$7 minimum price). You will receive a gift certificate at time of purchase.

Most needed items for the food pantry are canned tuna and chicken, cereal (hot and cold), pancake mix/ waffle mix, pop tarts, granola bars, syrup, jarred tomato sauce, hearty soups (Progresso and Campbell’s Chunky), mac and cheese, canned meals (corned beef hash, beef stew), cake/brownie/cookie mix, tea. They also accept toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, soap, shampoo, laundry soap.

Note that Trumbull Parks and Recreation has moved to a new location. They are no longer at 5892 Main St., in the white house on the corner. New location is in the Public Works Administration Building, located at 366 Church Hill Road on the first floor.