President’s Volunteer Service Award will recognize student service

Trumbull High School, in partnership with the Trumbull Rotary Club, will recognize qualifying students with the Office of the President of the United States’ President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) as part of its efforts to encourage and recognize students for their community service achievement.

The PVSA is the national volunteer awards program, encouraging citizens to live a life of service.

PVSA was started by the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation in 2003 as a way to thank and honor Americans who, by example, inspired others to engage in volunteer service as an initiative of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

“We are excited to offer Trumbull High School students the opportunity to earn the PVSA”, said Mrs. Lisa Bevacqua, THS’s College and Career Counselor.

Trumbull High School has become a certified organization which can grant authority through an application and review process to administer the PVSA and verify that volunteers meet all the requirements for volunteers to be awarded the PVSA.

“We know many of our students devote many hours to helping in the community and deserve to be recognized for their commitment,” said Todd Manuel, Trumbull High School’s C House Principal.

In order to qualify, THS students need to fulfill a minimum number hours to be eligible for the program.

For teen students ages 11 to 15, the bronze level of recognition will be award for a minimum of 50 hours of service, while a silver distinction requires 75 hours.

Students looking to hit the highest mark — gold — will have to fulfill a minimum of 100 hours.

For young adult students ages 16 and older, the standards are a bit higher with 100 hours being required for bronze; 175 for silver; and 250 for gold.

Some of the PVSA criterion includes:

  • Awards are issued for service hours served within a 12-month time period.

  • Awards are issued for volunteer service only; additional levels of participation with the organization (i.e., charitable support) are not a factor considered for the award.

A full list of criteria can be found in each house office.

The hours for PVSA can be counted towards THS community service hours for graduation.

The deadline to submit hours for the 2015-2016 academic year is May 31, 2016. To be recognized at an end of year awards ceremony, hours must be submitted by April 20, 2016.  

Students would be notified of their qualification and an official PVSA certificate would be granted.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Lisa Bevacqua, College and Career Counselor, at 203-261-1081 or