Possible delay in opening of Tashua Pool

According to Superintendent of Parks and Recreation, be advised that there may be a slight delay in opening Tashua Pool.
As part of the pre-season inspection protocols, it was discovered that an area of the main deck had settled by approximately two inches and would be a trip hazard.
Upon investigation it was also determined a portion of the base underneath the deck had eroded due to water infiltration from some of the gutter return lines.
Approximately 600 sq.ft of decking is in the process of being removed in order to make the water line repairs. Once completed, new concrete will be poured to finish the pool deck.
They anticipated completion of this work in time for the scheduled opening, however the forecast currently calls for several days of rain over the next week, which will delay completing the final repairs. They are working on the project with every available resource and will complete the repairs as weather allows.