Officials warn of "unusually pure" heroin being sold

An unusually pure batch of heroin being sold in Connecticut is concerning local officials.

Currently, these drugs are being marketed and packaged under the names, “Power Hour,” “Strike Dead,” and “Taliban.”

The Redding Pilot, a sister paper to The Times reports that Redding Police, partnering with law enforcement agencies in New Jersey and the Connecticut Department of Public Health, are warning the public about the heroin, which may not respond to Narcan, a drug that counteracts the effect of heroin. Narcan is being carried by some police and EMS in the state.

According to police, there is grave concern that as word spreads about the purity of the drug and the way in which to identify it through packaging, it may be repackaged to facilitate distribution.

“Heroin is a drug of concern in every community. Its effects have touched Redding many times this past year,” according to Redding Police Chief Douglas Fuchs’ press release.

“While every Redding police officer now carries Narcan on patrol, these drugs very well might be cut or mixed with other drugs against which Narcan is ineffective,” Chief Fuchs said in the release. “Anyone with information concerning the distribution of any illegal drug is strongly encouraged to contact the Redding Police Department. Your information may be anonymous.”

Heroin is a growing problem in the state.