Newtown tribute at Grace Church is a 'symbol of hope'

On a very foggy late January morning, a woodcarver who wishes to remain anonymous carved a simple cross at the top of a tall tree stump on the front lawn of Grace Episcopal Church in Trumbull. (Follow Grace Church on Twitter!)

“I just felt I wanted to do something as a tribute to Sandy Hook,” he said.  “It’s a symbol of hope.”

Last fall, before the hurricane, the church had removed all the branches from an old tree that had become unsafe and what was left was a bare 40 foot trunk. The carver approached Elsa Worth, the priest at Grace, with his idea for the cross. Worth was enthusiastic about his desire to make a spiritual statement in wood.

“It was great to see him up there in the fog, carving the cross,” Worth said.  “To me, it symbolizes new life out of death. And every time I see it now, it reminds me of all our continued and ongoing prayers for the deep grief that continues in our area, and especially in Newtown, over the terrible events in Sandy Hook in December.”

The Sandy Hook cross is easily visible from the road at Grace Church, 5958 Main Street.