The strength of a community is best shown in its resilient actions.

For Trumbull residents, flexing that strength has been an almost weekly occurrence as they continue to run in support for cancer survivor Mia McCaffrey.

A little under 4,000 athletes showed up to run in the Faxton Half Marathon at Jennings Beach on Sunday, June 26, with elite runners came from all over the world to compete for top prize money.

Thousands of runners were looking for personal records, many looked forward to the 13.1-mile run and some just wanting to finish.

The Trumbull Seven —Oliva Nestro, John Pfohl, Dawn Pfohl, Alexa Pfohl, Rebeca Buck, Sara Steere and Sean Carol — took it a step further, using the event as a way to raise money for Mia.

The team representing the five-year-old Trumbull resident received plenty of donations from friends and family — all of which will go towards Mia and her family.

Pfohl said that it was so inspiring to see the way Trumbull came out to show their support at the Tu Tu Trott Relay held earlier in the month.

“People care about each other and their neighbors,” she said about the community’s support.