Holiday Bonfire at Nichols Improvement Association

On Sunday, Dec. 13, the Nichols Improvement Association (NIA), 1773 Huntington Tpke., will host its Holiday Bonfire in the NIA parking lot.

The NIA also has a long-standing tradition on Christmas Eve called Christmas Fires. This tradition is displaying and lighting luminaries on walkways, driveways and porches at dusk. The tradition originated from the idea that the light from the luminaries was to guide the Christ child to your home. People come from near and far to witness the special warmth of the Christmas Fires. If you have never heard of luminaries (sometimes called luminarias) before, they have paper lanterns with a candle set inside.

Each year the NIA also sells theseChristmas Fires which can be purchased at the Starkweather House on Saturday, Dec. 19 and Sunday, Dec. 20.

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