HCC hosts theater arts program to celebrate women

Starting Monday, March 5, the HCC Theater Arts Program will present InterACTion Symposium: WOMEN with daily performances and discussions in the Lafayette Hall Performing Arts Center. The event is free and open to the public.
The mission of InterACTion is to use theater performance as a springboard for discussion among the various academic departments, programs and courses on campus. Theater Arts Program Coordinator Geoffrey Sheehan calls the event “critically important to the issue of women in our community.”
“The combination of professional artists and students makes for a very honest and unique event.” Sheehan said. “We’re (HCC) privileged to have an event where art, education and social issues meet and are celebrated by and for women within the community.”
Highlights of the four-day event include Monday’s Blanca, a play by writer and performer Janis Astor del Valle and Wednesday’s “Women and the effects of advertising”, moderated by Assistant Professor of English, Ellie Bloom. The full schedule can be found below.

9:30 The Women in Renaissance Art Sarah Churchill
11:00 Women and Communicating with power Mary Ann Vlahac
2:00 Blanca, a play by Janis Astor del Valle Playwright and students


11:00 Women: Our Heroes Among Us: Inspired by When Caged Birds Sing art exhibit Laura Turiano
12:30 Scene readings of “Michael Field” Mark Lamoureux
3:30 “The Women On My Skin: Tattoo Stories” Lizbeth Anderson


9:30 Women and the Effects of Advertising Ellie Bloom
11:00 Women and the Effects of Advertising Ellie Bloom
12:30 Profiles of the Women in our lives Student panel
2:00 “I never did like pink” by Joanna “Rain” Rapheal, Author, Singer, Actor, HCC Alum Author appearance and discussion
12:30 Profiles of the Women in our lives Student panel


9:30 Interactive Theatrical Exploration of “Women” Jan Mason
11:00 Women and the Effects of Advertising Ellie Bloom
12:30 Pipeline by Dominique Morisseau: A vibrant reading Mariah Sage, students
2:00 Women Sculptors Suzan Shutan
3:30 Louisa May Alcott’s “Blood & Thunder” Transforming anger into power Ellie Bloom
6:30 Women Rock! A concert of music by, for and about Women John Favret and friends

For more information on InterACTion contact Geoffrey Sheehan at GSheehan@Housatonic.edu