Fake News: Can You Spot It? workshop program at Trumbull Library

A special program Fake News: Can You Spot It? is scheduled at the Trumbull Library, 33 Quality St., on Wednesday, Aug. 30, at 6:30 pm.

A workshop that is vital for everyone living in this world of constantly changing information, attendees will learn the difference between actual fake news, misleading news, biased news, and news that simply challenges a held belief. The concept of confirmation bias will be explored. To differentiate between what is true and false online, participants will learn to evaluate themselves (their motives, their perspectives, their interests) as they interpret information. Attendees will practice news evaluation, using different online source types’ coverage of the same current event to compare and contrast content quality.

“I thank the panel of four presenters from Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) for working with me to make this workshop available to Trumbull residents. I hope our patrons will take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about this very important topic.” commented Jackie Carlino, program coordinator at the Trumbull Library.

The workshop’s discussion topic is deliberately apolitical since this is not a partisan presentation. Everyone faces the information quality issues posed by social media and Google — regardless of political leaning – and sharpening our truth-seeking skills in the face of fake news is useful for all.

The program is especially important now that social media has made every information consumer into an information producer. It is our habit, when a pieces of news makes us feel strongly, to share that piece of news with others. So, when we improve our abilities to determine news quality we do not just help ourselves; we help others too, as we learn to let dubious news dies instead of adding fuel to a false fire.

This program is a collaboration between the CCSU Journalism Department and reference and instruction librarians at CCSU’s Elihu Burritt Library. Presenter biographies are available on the Trumbull Library website.

Free. Register to guarantee seating: trumbullct-library.org.