Energy Savings and Awareness Week kicks off Sunday

Trumbull High School senior Anuj Sisodiya is challenging residents to reduce their energy consumption this week.

The 2015-16 Barton L. Weller Scholarship finalist will launch his project Energy Savings and Awareness Week Sunday, Feb. 7. It will run through Saturday, Feb. 13, with each day featuring a unique energy-saving challenge.

“The energy crisis is a serious global issue,” Anuj wrote in his two-page written proposal to the foundation. “It’s unthinkable what life would look like without energy resources.

“Old or young, student or teacher, businessman or serviceman, we all use energy from morning to evening in some shape or form,” he added. “We spend about $150 billion in wasted energy every year. Many of us waste energy by keeping appliances on longer than necessary and failing to pay attention to energy-saving recommendations.”

The program, which will help Anuj compete for the $14,000 grand prize scholarship in the spring, asks Trumbull residents to take a picture and submit it to Facebook proving their participation in the contest.

The Trumbull senior isn’t the only possible winner in the weeklong event.

Each person who submits a photo will be entered to win energy-saving items, and prizes will be awarded daily.

In addition, if a person enters a photo all seven days of the week, that person will be qualified for the grand prize — an energy-savings gift basket filled with items to help residents save energy and money.

For more information and to submit photos, search Energy Savings and Awareness or E-SAW on Facebook.

Any questions may be emailed to

Week outline

Anuj is asking Trumbullites to go in the dark completely — only for one hour, at the end of the weeklong campaign.

“During Showdown at Sundown Saturday, everyone in town will participate by turning off their lights for an hour,” he explained. “That’ll mark the end of the week.”

Preceding it will be an array of other alliteration-themed events that come from a color wheel image the senior used to accompany the rest of his plan.

They include Selfie Sunday, Monitor Monday, Technology Tuesday, Work Wednesday, Turn-off Thursday, and Fix-it Friday.

The different days will encourage residents to engage with energy-saving techniques and be more mindful of how they use their power — at home and at work.

“Selfie Sunday is all about taking photos of you doing something that’s helping the environment — that’ll kick-start everything,” Anuj said. “Monday, I’d like for participants to monitor their energy bills and their meters.”

As the week progresses, there will be more encouragement toward energy reduction — and education about different techniques for making that possible.

“Turn-off Thursday is basically just turning off all non-essential electronics that don’t need to be plugged in or charged,” Anuj said. “That’s a concept a lot of people forget, but it can really be applied easily.”

A day later, he’s asking residents to check for leaks or anything that may cause excessive use — and fix those malfunctions.

“Go through your home and fix anything that might be wasting energy,” he said. “Take a photo of your project.”

Photos will help participants win prizes, but in reality, the real winner is the environment.

“Every year we read about these issues, celebrate Earth Day, organize Earth Hour, and then forget about the impact of these events,” Anuj said. “We are part of a community and a much bigger nation that is responsible for this energy crisis, but we have done very little to change our individual behaviors or make others aware about the improvements we can make to save energy.”