Domestic violence: A Trumbull story

Domestic violence has been in the news after incidents involving celebrities and professional athletes made headlines. But, according to organizers of an upcoming awareness event, domestic violence is very much a Trumbull story.

The 7th Annual Clothesline Project will be on display Oct. 24 through Oct. 31 at the Trumbull Library. Visitors will see T-shirts decorated with testimonies, poems, artwork and personal stories related to violence and abuse. Anyone affected by this issue is invited to express their feelings by decorating a T-shirt, which are available now for free at the Library Circulation desk at 33 Quality Street.

Victims of violence and abuse include women, men and children, and many seem to be locked in a never-ending cycle that could lead to injury or even death, according to Clothesline Project organizers. That’s why so many groups in Trumbull are coming together this month to bring awareness to this problem and highlight the help and support that is available today.

Then on Tuesday, Oct. 28th, at 6 p.m., a Candlelight Vigil will be held at the Trumbull Library. This annual event is sponsored by the Center for Family Justice, Trumbull Cares, Trumbull Library, Trumbull Rotary Club and Trumbull Women’s Club.

“Awareness is making a significant difference,” notes Deb Greenwood, President of the Center for Family Justice. “People often stay in abusive relationships because they are afraid to reach out, they are afraid of where they will go, how they will get by, how their kids will be supported. But it is so important for those who are victims to make the call - a call that is safe, free, confidential, and will put you in touch with professionals who can provide the help that’s needed.”

Last year, the Center for Family Justice served over 153 people in Trumbull alone, serving as an advocate for those who needed counseling or a safe place to go. They staff a 24-hour hotline for domestic violence, which you can call at 1.888.774.2900. Or, you can learn more online at

Everyone in town is invited to come together as a community to remember and honor those impacted by domestic violence.