Center expands to offer autism services

St. Vincent's Special Needs Services (SVSNS) will be expanding its current private special education school program at the Feroleto Children’s Development Center in Trumbull to include students with autism spectrum disorders.

For nearly 60 years, the SVSNS specialty has been educating children with multiple developmental disabilities. Now this will include offering a unique learning environment to children on the autism spectrum utilizing the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) approach, combined with physical, speech and occupational therapy services.

A new state-of-art autism wing is currently under construction with plans of opening in late September. The design incorporates one large community room with five smaller rooms to allow for individual and small group instruction that will support intensive learning experiences focusing on behavior management, daily living skills, communication and functional skills.

“Classrooms will be equipped with the latest multi-sensory devices, iPads and Smart Boards and each child’s program will be tailored to meet his or her unique needs in order to thrive academically and gain the practical skills necessary to be as independent as possible,” Raymond Baldwin, President/CEO of SVSNS said.

The decision to expand the current school program to include children with autism spectrum disorders was a natural progression, according to the organization, which has been a trusted provider of specialized lifelong education, therapeutic programs, daytime recreational and work services programs and residential services for children and adults with severe multiple developmental disabilities and special health care needs.

For additional information about autism services, please contact Dr. Debra Rausch, Manager of Autism Services, at 203-375-6400 or visit our website at