Bingo at B'nai Torah getting an upgrade

Congregation B'nai Torah has been holding weekly Monday Bingo for over 40 years, and while it always draws a crowd, B’nai Torah is offering some special promotions, starting August 11, as an added attraction.

In the early 1970’s a new and very active member of the men’s club, Larry Sidransky, decided to hold Bingo at the Synagogue. Sidransky started to look into what was needed to get this “Bingo” ball rolling. He filed for permits, gathered volunteers, advertised for players and arranged for the equipment.

With everything lined up and ready to go B'nai Torah opened for its first Bingo night.

Sidransky was the Chairman of the Bingo Committee for about 10 years before passing the position on to his successors Alan Klein, Barry Weiss, Irene Handleman, and currently Bernice Dietz, a longtime member of B’nai Torah who had previously volunteered to work the Bingo nights. Weiss, along with her group of Bingo helpers, are attempting to add some new life into this weekly event.

In addition to the regular Bingo games the players also have the opportunity to purchase “Quickies” and “Specials,” these are mini-games that take place periodically through the evening. There are also door prizes that anyone who pays admission is automatically entered for a chance to win.

In the upcoming weeks B’nai Torah will be trying out special promotions to make things more exciting for their players. The first will be held on Monday, August 11. This will be a “Triple Door Prize” evening. While the synagogue normally gives away three door prizes each week, that evening we will be giving away nine.

The B’nai Torah members who volunteer their time to help with the Bingo are a wonderful and friendly group, it's like a family, according to the synagogue. They have been volunteering here for so long that they have come to know many of the players by name.

Several area businesses are co-sponsoring the event, including Guacamole Grill, Chip’s Family Restaurant, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Twist of Taste and Stop & Shop. Coffee and cake are provided, free of charge to visitors.

As B’nai Torah moves forward to update their Bingo they now have a page on Facebook that can be found at

All ages are welcome. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

If you have any questions or would like more information please call 203-268-6940.