Bensen: Tired yet?

Are you tired of constantly planning out every little thing that goes into your mouth? Have you given up weighing and measuring long ago? Do you wish you didn’t worry so much about the scale — exactly where you place your feet or which foot you lean more on or stripping down naked? Would you be happy if you never saw another nutrition label or have to look up calories in dishes before going out to eat? Don’t you miss being spontaneous at restaurants?

I want to put on a pair of jeans and not have a pedometer hanging from the belt loop. I want to go to a restaurant without looking on my site first for all the calorie information. I want it to be 3 p.m., and not have any idea how many Options I’ve consumed so far! And I don’t want another person in my office asking me if I’m OP today!

But …

I love not dreading going to the doctor’s office.

I love shopping in any clothing store (especially shopping in my closet), wearing jewelry without extenders and pulling my children close on my lap (which used to be occupied by my stomach). I love one size in my closet and only one box of off-season clothes. Most of all … I love running up and down the stairs (which I do a lot of) and not dreading it!

I used to put everything at the foot of the stairs and try to make one ridiculous trip a day to put it all away. Now … up and down and up and down and I’m not out of breath!

I love not having acid reflux. Not feeling guilty about what I feed my family. Not spending enormous amounts of money I don’t have on food I don’t need — like 8,000-calorie binges. I love going to bed at night with a smile on my face and not tears on my pillow. I no longer say to myself, “I was so good until 3! What happened?! Why? Why? Why?!”

Sure. I enjoyed eating non-stop, mindlessly during the days for years, but at what cost? And sure. there are many days I get tired of the tasks and effort it takes to keep me on track. But I do like feeling good inside … about me.

So go ahead. Get it all out. Let’s hear what you hate about staying on program. It’s OK to gripe a little from time to time. The fact is … dieting is not easy, it’s hard! But, remember, so is being overweight! The choice is yours.

Dieting is hard. Being fat is hard. Choose your hard.

Kim is a lifetime dieter who lost more than 200 pounds. She leads motivational meetings at The Kim Bensen Weight Loss Center, 405 Bridgeport Avenue in Shelton. For more information call 203-513-8722 or visit