Beach pool closed at least through Monday

Ongoing repair work on the pool at Robert Beach Memorial Park will keep the pool closed through at least Monday, according to Parks and Recreation Director Stuart McCarthy. Tashua pool is open for its normal summer hours, 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 10 to 8 weekends and holidays. Also, the sprinkler pad at Beach Park is open.

The problems with the Beach Park pool began last year when the town contracted with an Indianapolis-based company to replace the liner. McCarthy said the pool’s size and irregular shape mandated the hiring of a specialized company. The same company had originally installed the heavy PVC liner at Beach and Tashua pools, and McCarthy said their dealings with the town had been positive.

But it was apparent last season that the new liner would require additional work, McCarthy said.

“There were issues with the installation of the liner last year,” McCarthy said. “We got the pool opened last year, and the repair work was to be performed under warranty prior to this season. We had a commitment from the company to come and do the work in early May.”

But company workers did not show up on time and that, combined with poor weather and what McCarthy termed a “less than responsive” company management has kept the pool closed weeks past its planned opening.

“The company is on-site now, and making the repairs, but that work is going very slowly,” said McCarthy. The town is pursuing “all options available to us” to get the pool open, he said.

The problem is that the liner has a series of creases along the bottom. The creases make it extremely difficult to clean the pool.

“Imagine trying to vacuum a rug that has wrinkles and folds in it,” McCarthy said. “They need to come in, cut the liner, pull it tight, and replace some sections so the surface is smooth.”

The town website says the pool’s status will be updated June 26, and McCarthy said he hoped to have the pool open soon after that, but it was all dependent on the pace of the repairs.Once the repairs are done, the pool will need to be filled and chemically balanced. That process will take several more days, he said.

“If they were to complete the repairs today, which they aren’t going to, we would still be looking at Monday to open,” he said.