AAA survey says: Vacations are now (extended) family affairs

Archie Bunker wouldn’t be happy with this travel news: more than 36% of traveling Americans say they plan to take a multi-generational vacation in the next 12 months.

Who are they going with? According to a National AAA Travel survey, more than 25% say, in addition to themselves, they’ll travel with children and/or their parents or in-laws.

The survey also reports multi-generational trips are on the up-tick, experiencing a 4% increase over the previous year.

While most plan on making their trips an extended family affair; 15% say they’ll hit the road with only their grandchildren; while 5% say they plan to travel with grandma and grandpa.

Exploring the world

“Today’s grandparents are active and enjoy exploring the world,” says Richard Del Nero, AAA Southern New England’s vice president of travel. “They value spending time with their children and grandchildren and in today’s fast-paced world, travel affords families with opportunities to spend quality time, reconnecting and sharing experiences in fast-paced world.”

One key to a successful multi-generational vacation is planning. That’s where a qualified travel agent can customize tours and identify resorts that cater to multi-generational travelers. A popular option for such travelers is cruising that allows family members of various ages to participate in individual, age-appropriate activities, while still providing opportunities to gather as a group for meals, shows and other onboard events.