A pioneer in Trumbull: Program will discuss Sikorsky's local legacy

Aviation pioneer Igor I. Sikorsky may be well known for his work in Stratford, but the Russian-born scientist has Trumbull roots, having lived in town for some time.

As part of its efforts to honor the longtime resident, the Trumbull Historical Society is inviting the public to a special program Sunday, Oct. 5, featuring Sikorsky’s sons, Sergei and Nikolai Sikorsky.

The program is open to the public and will be held in the St. Joseph High School Huntington Auditorium, beginning at 3. The event is co-sponsored by St. Joseph High Hchool and the Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives, a non-profit organization devoted to preserving historical documentation associated with the inventor.

Sikorsky lived in four different Trumbull homes over the course of nearly 25 years, beginning in the late 1920s, during which time Sikorsky Aircraft introduced, refined and began mass military and commercial production of the helicopter. One of those homes was on Huntington Turnpike.

However, the program is open to residents outside Trumbull, as Sikorsky’s impact is far reaching.

“We want to highlight his background and what he has done for this whole area — the legacy he has left behind,” Pam Hutchinson, of the historical society, said. “We are working closely with the Sikorsky Archives.”

The Trumbull Historical Society’s goal is to eventually erect a monument to Sikorsky in the Abraham Nichols Park, near the historical society.

“It’s part of our history,” Hutchinson said.

This month marks the 75th anniversary of Igor Sikorsky’s flight in the VS-300, the model that first demonstrated the viability of the helicopter.

Sergei Sikorsky will share insights on his father’s work and his own extensive career in aviation. Sergei’s brother, Nikolai, will join him for a question-and-answer segment with the audience about their family’s life in Trumbull. Dan Libertino, president of the Sikorsky Historical Archives, and the Trumbull Historical Society round out the agenda.

The event is free, and donations to the historical society will be accepted and appreciated to help the organization continue its education programs within the community.

Questions regarding Trumbull Historical Society events may be directed to Pam Hutchinson at 203-377-6620 or trumbullhistory@gmail.com.