Madison Avenue residents, meet your new neighbor.

Upper Crust Bakery Café will be joining Madison Village this spring, bringing its fresh-made bagels and top-of-the-line coffee to Trumbull after two decades of success in Darien.

Owner Charly Sahlia is excited to expand his brand north — a move that has been over two years in the making.

“I’ve been following this location for a while because I knew it was a great place for a neighborhood bakery,” he told The Times in January.

The Trumbull store will be run by resident and manager Julie Stenz, who said that UCBC will open its doors in either late March or early April.

“Upper Crust has a great, established name and we can’t wait to cater to all Trumbull residents, from families to students,” she said.

The businesses core menu items will be bagels, sandwiches, chopped salads, soups, smoothies, home-made gelato, and, of course, a wide variety of coffee options.

UCBC is expected to serve breakfast and lunch right away, while working its way into being open late at night for dinner.

“We realize that family needs are different than student needs,” Stenz said. “They need a place that’s open at night to study.”


Similar to the Darien location, UCBC Trumbull aspires to have art exhibits on its walls that showcase local artists.

In addition, they’d like to host candlelight dinners on weekend nights that feature acoustic musicians.

“Artists are always in need of wall space and we have a great space to exhibit their work,” Sahlia said. “It’s a win-win because we get to have beautiful images on our walls and they get the space they desire…

“Bringing in new artists and musicians is something we always strive to do at UCBC,” he added.

Those interested in working at UCBC or showing off their artwork or playing music, please email