A Bridgeport man was arrested for strangulation in the second degree, risk of injury to a minor, breach of peace in the second degree, and criminal violation of a protective order at the Trumbull Police Department around 9 a.m. Tuesday, July 5.

Police said Jocquille Adams, 22, was physically abusive towards his ex-girlfriend inside the Trumbull Westfield Target and eventually strangled her inside The Children’s Place back on May 12.

According to a report, Adams and the woman share a one-year-old child, who he is restricted to seeing on Sunday afternoons.

Police said that the former girlfriend, a Trumbull resident, agreed to drive him to the mall that day and brought their child with her when she picked him up.

She first brought him to Target, where, according to police, he bumped her several times with a shopping cart. The woman asked him to stop and he didn’t listen, the report added.

When she attempted to push him away, he forcefully held her arms, police said.   

After the first incident, the former couple left Target and stayed in the mall complex. They went to Children’s Place inside the mall and that’s where Adams choked the woman until she started coughing from losing her breath.

The report said that Adams believed the altercations were just playful, not serious attempts to harm the woman or their child.

Police said she decided to the leave mall without him, but Adams followed her to her car. The woman began to call Trumbull police, which caused him to leave the vehicle.

According to the report, she decided to hang up that day but called back on May 13 to file the report.

Investigators found footage from The Children’s Place that day and confirmed the strangulation attempt that took place. A warrant was written for Adams and he turned himself in last week.

He was held on a $10,000 bond and appeared in court Wednesday, July 6.