Long Hill Garden Club wins awards at Connecticut Flower and Garden Show

The Long Hill Garden Club played a prominent part in the Connecticut Flower and Garden Show put on by the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut which has 124 garden clubs and 6,537 individual members.

This year’s show, Woodland Enchantment, was chaired by Cathy Ritch. The creative staging of the show had a central focus of murals depicting deep mysterious forests. They were surrounded by live trees and grassy paths, then dotted with woodland animals and birds. The scene was enhanced by background music with sounds of the forest, including owls hooting and the occasional thunder. Many sparkling and purple enchanted trees were scattered throughout the space.

In the Floral Design division, Off the Beaten Path, Marilyn Burkhart won first place and the Table Artistry Award and Cheryl Damiani won an honorable mention. Kathy Feller won first place in the Midnight Dreams category.

In the Artistic Crafts division, Turn Straw into Gold, Carol Pisani took a second place.

In the Horticulture division, Desert Nights, Linda Rumsey-Dolega took first place, Arlene Field took second and Kathy Feller took third. For Jewels of the Woods, Cathy Ritch placed third for Whimsical Sparkles. Kathy Feller placed second, for Heirloom Canopy, Arlene Field was third, and for Unicorn Managerie, Cathy Ritch took both a first place and an honorable mention.

For the Educational Exhibits, Cheryl Damiani placed third for A Sensory Immersion in the Forest. For the many categories in the photography division: Cheryl Basztura took three firsts, two seconds and an honorable mention; Nancy Lenoce took three honorable mentions; and Cathy Ritch took a second place.