Weather service ups Sandy wind warning

The National Weather Service adjusted its high wind warning, which is similar to hurricane warning, for southwest Connecticut on Sunday at 4:01 p.m. The service is now warning of hazardous, damaging winds from 35 to 55 mph from 6 a.m. Monday to 6 p.m. Tuesday. Wind gusts could be up to 85 mph on Monday afternoon.

The "strongest winds are expected Monday afternoon and night," according to the warning.

The weather service is not calling it a hurricane warning because by the time Sandy reaches this area, it will no longer be a hurricane. Instead it will combine with two other systems and become a hybrid super storm.

The winds could pose "a significant threat to life and property," according to the weather service. "Damaging winds are expected. Winds will be capable of downing trees and snapping off large tree branches. Power outages could be widespread and last at least several days. Debris will block some roads. Most poorly anchored mobile homes will be damaged. Other homes may have damage to shingles, siding, gutters and windows — especially if these items are not properly secured. Loose outdoor items will become airborne, causing additional damage and possible injury. Windows in high-rise buildings could be broken by flying debris."

If you haven't already, you are running out of time to make preparations to protect your life and your property, the weather service warns.

"Rush to completion the hardening of your home or your business by closing shutters and bracing garage doors. Heed the advice of local officials and comply with any orders that are issued.

Trumbull officials have called for voluntary evacuations of low-lying flood plains near Twin Brooks Park. Also First Selectman Timothy Herbst has initiated a State of Emergency and banned street parking for the duration of the storm and cleanup.