Voters to choose new town leaders Tuesday

Trumbull voters will head to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 5, to choose Trumbull’s first selectman as well as candidates who will serve in other major positions and boards in town government.

Polls at Trumbull’s four polling places will be open Tuesday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Polling locations are Hillcrest Middle School, District 1, St. Joseph High School, District 2, Madison Middle School, District 3, and Middlebrook Elementary School, District 4. Information cards directing registered voters to their polling places were scheduled to be delivered last week. Call the Trumbull Elections Administration office at 203-452-5058 or 203-452-5059 if you have questions regarding your voting district.

The town’s top race is between First Selectman Timothy Herbst and Democratic challenger Martha Jankovic-Mark. Live election night coverage will be aired on Trumbull Community Television (Charter channel 17/AT&T channel 99) starting at 7:45 p.m. Tuesday. Results will also be posted at

Effective with this election, all Connecticut residents will now have the opportunity to register to vote on Election Day. Trumbull’s Election Day registration location is Trumbull Town Hall, Nichols Room, 5866 Main Street. Residents seeking to register on Election Day must show both proof of identity and proof of residency. While voters should still make every effort to ensure they are registered ahead of time, Election Day registration offers an important protection for those who do not have the opportunity to register earlier. Please note, if you are changing your voter registration to Trumbull from another town in Connecticut, you could experience a longer wait time with Election Day registration and should consider registering prior to Election Day.

This year’s ballot is two-sided, so voters are reminded to flip it over, in order to complete their ballot.

Here is a list of candidates, in the order they will appear on the ballot:

First Selectman

Timothy Herbst (R)

Martha Jankovic-Mark (D)

Town Clerk

Suzanna Burr Monaco (R)

Kathleen Miranti (D)


John L. Ponzio (R)

John Walkley (D)

Board of Finance (vote for any three)

Roy E. Molgard (R)

Kathleen McGannon, Thomas Kelly, Andrew E. Palo (D)

Board of Education (vote for any four)

Susan M. LaFrance, Joseph A. Peddle, Jeffrey M. Donofrio (R)

Thomas S. Tesoro, Anthony Timpanelli, Rosemary Seaman, Lainie McHugh (D)

Board of Assessment Appeals

Justin C. Rice (R)

Susie Lafitte (D)

Planning and Zoning Commission (five-year term begins 2013)

David W. Preusch (R)

Donald J. Scinto (D)

Planning and Zoning Commission (five-year term begins 2014)

William Haberlin (R)

Frederick T. Garrity Jr. (D)

Zoning Board of Appeals (five-year term begins 2013)

Richard Mayo

Dennis Miko

Zoning Board of Appeals (five-year term begins 2014)

Steven Elbaum (R)

Constables (vote for any two)

James J. Battistelli Sr., Victor J. Pioli (R)

Matt Silber, David Kayne (D)

Town Council

District 1

Suzanne S. Testani, Ennio De Vita, Johnna M. Dineley, Vincent DiMasi Jr. (R)

Dawn Cantafio, Douglas G. Sutherland, Daniel Marconi, Jonathan M. Greene (D)

District 2

Kenneth M. Martin Sr., Edna Colucci, Cynthia L. Penkoff, Tony J. Scinto (R)

Charles A. Pitcher, Tom Christiano, Thomas Whitmoyer, Fred Palmieri (D)

District 3

James P. Blose, Lori Rosaco-Schwatz, Michael J. London, Carl A. Massaro (R)

Jerome Goldstein, Vicki Tesoro, Paul Hongo, Roy Fuchs (D)

District 4

Joseph G. Pifko, Enrico R. Costantini, Bethany Llodra Gilman, Mark S. LeClair, Ann Marie Evangelista (R)

Bruce L. Elstein, Brendan Keatley, Scott Wich, James Meisner, Patrick Hellfrich (D)