Updated: Schools closed Tuesday, State of Emergency remains

Monday 6:30 p.m.: The State of Emergency and parking bans remain in effect and Trumbull schools are now closed until at least Wednesday as Trumbull digs out from Winter Storm Nemo.

According to First Selectman Timothy Herbst, town crews are now making second passes on all town roads, and that may mean snow getting pushed back into driveways. Do not push snow back into the street.

Herbst and Supt. Ralph Iassogna said snow on school roofs in a concern, and they are formulating a plan to clear the buildings. Residents are asked to help emergency responders by clearing snow from around fire hydrants and clearing storm drains.

MONDAY: Trumbull's roads are open, according to an emergency update from First Selectman Timothy Herbst this afternoon.

Herbst said workers had completed at least one pass on all town roads by midnight, but with the rain now falling, workers had shifted their attention from widening travel lanes to clearing storm drains. Town workers are also clearing snow from school roofs.

Trumbull schools are closed today, and Supt. Ralph Iassogna said he would decide later today whether to close schools tomorrow. As of today, Feb. break has been reduced to two days, Feb. 18 and Feb. 19.

Citizens are reminded to use caution when driving as snow drifts create large blind spots near curves and intersections.

Update: About 95% of Trumbull roads were open and town officials were hoping to have at least one lane clear on all town roads by last night. Crews were back at work at 6 a.m. widening the travel lanes on all roads, according to First Selectman Timothy Herbst's emergency alert message.

The town remains in a State of Emergency and a parking ban remains in effect. Herbst also warned residents that plows making a second pass to clear streets may leave snow in driveways, but residents should not leave snow in the street.

"As roads become more accessible, please drive slowly and use caution at intersections as high snow piles cause blind spots," Herbst said. "Also remove all of the snow off your vehicle before driving."

The State of Emergency remains in effect for Trumbull, as does a parking ban on all town roads. All Trumbull schools are closed Monday.

First Selectman Timothy Herbst said 65% of town roads had been plowed as of 12:45 p.m. The pace of snow removal is slow due to the volume of snow on the roads and the number of parked cars that plows must avoid.

"If your vehicle is parked in the road, please move it to your driveway to assist our snow removal efforts," he said.

Sunday: All main roads north and south are open to traffic and road crews will be working through the night again. Herbst said officials hoped to complete one pass on all town roads by tonight, but fully opening all roads would take until at least some time Monday.