Two Trumbull school cafeterias cited for health violations, correct on-site

Only one food service establishment in town failed its August 2022 inspection by the Trumbull Health Department. 

Only one food service establishment in town failed its August 2022 inspection by the Trumbull Health Department. 


TRUMBULL — Two schools received one four-point violation apiece during their most recent food service inspections by the Trumbull Health Department, but both immediately corrected their problems and weren't ordered to reinspection.

Between Sept. 10 and Oct. 4, the department inspected 11 establishments that serve food, including not just restaurants, but also schools and other facilities.

All these establishments are scored on a 100-point scale and must maintain a score of at least 80, and not have one or more violations that are worth four points. Places that fail to meet that standard in their inspection are generally required to undergo a reinspection. 

None of the food-serving establishments inspected in Trumbull in September and early October were ordered to reinspection. However, both the kitchens at Tashua School and Trumbull High School received one four-point violation each.

In Tashua's case, its four-point violation — for holding hot food at an improper temperature — was its only violation and it had an overall score of 96. Trumbull High School received its four-point violation for a dented can, and got an overall score of 92. Both were allowed to correct their violations on-site and they did correct them, avoiding reinspection.

Shaquaisha Andrews, registered sanitarian with the Trumbull Health Department, said this sometimes happens with certain four-point violations. "Some of this stuff can get corrected on-site," she said.

But there are limits, Andrews said. She said, for example, an establishment that has its first violation for a dented can might avoid reinspection. "If it's the second or third time" they will probably end up being reinspected, Andrews said.

Betty Sinko, Trumbull Public Schools director of food service, confirmed that the two schools received points off and corrected their issues on-site. She said the school kitchens typically score anywhere from a 90 to a 100 on their inspections.

"This is something we are very proud of and we take the health and well-being of our customers very seriously," she said. 

The only establishment to get a perfect score of 100 in this round of inspections was another school, Frenchtown Elementary School, which was inspected Sept. 27.

Andrews said the number of places needing reinspection seems to be declining as the weather gets cooler.

"During the summer months, the weather was really hot, so it was hard for food to remain at the temperature it was supposed to be at," she said.