TRUMBULL — When asked as part of a Black History Month project who she found inspiring, Town Councilman Joy Colon struggled to name her inspiration — not because she found the question difficult, though she did. She actually did not know the person’s name.

Colon, believed to be Trumbull’s first African-American council member, recently shared her thoughts with state Sen. Marilyn Moore in a feature about women of color that was timed to coincide with Black History Month. She said she takes inspiration from a chance meeting on a train on the day she graduated from New York University.

“There I was in my cap and gown, and this older African American woman, she seemed to take special pride in seeing me graduating,” Colon said. “She told me, ‘You do it because I can’t, and when you do, don’t forget about me.’”

Colon, currently serving her first term on the council, said she is always mindful that, just as she took her inspiration from a stranger, someone could be taking theirs from her.

“Obviously I can’t be the voice of every black person, and on the council, you represent all the people,” she said. “We’re all stakeholders in this process. Just being there and having a voice makes me a part of the conversation.”

She said she hoped the one thing younger people learned from her is that they can do anything they set their minds to.

“Their interests will guide their choices,” Colon said. And if some choose to get involved in their hometown, all the better, she said.

“I may be the first woman of color on the Town Council, but the intention is that I won’t be the last,” she said.