Trumbull school employee: ‘I was attacked in Indian Ledge Park’

A Trumbull school employee said she was attacked and pushed to the ground by an angry bicyclist in Indian Ledge Park Wednesday evening. The incident, which happened around 7 p.m., appears to have been over her walking in the park with her dog off-leash.

“He was really very angry, like he had been waiting for an incident like this so he could explode,” said Melissa Ross, a Trumbull resident and special education teacher. “I’ve never seen someone so angry.”

According to Ross, she and her dog Flash, a 40-pound mixed breed that she adopted from a local shelter, were walking through the woods in the park when a man riding a mountain bike came up behind her, then slowed to ride around her.

“My ex sometimes rides in the park with Flash, and Flash jogged toward him like, ‘Let’s play,’” Ross said. “I had the leash in my hand, and he was under control the whole time. I called and he came right back to me.”

The bicyclist got off his bike and angrily confronted Ross, she said. At one point he shoved her shoulder, causing her to stumble and fall.

“It was one-handed, like a ‘What were you thinking? How could you do that?’ kind of push,” Ross said. “I just stayed on the ground and held my dog because I was afraid Flash would try to protect me and bite the man.”

After continuing to angrily shout and gesture for several minutes, the man got back on his bike and rode off, she said.

“He must have thought he heard someone, because he stopped and rode off on his bike,” she said. “No one was around, not anywhere in sight.”

But the incident did not end there, Ross said. After she returned to her car, she spotted the man waiting in his car. When she left, he followed until Ross pulled into the parking lot of a nearby pharmacy.

“It was definitely him,” she said.

Ross called the police, but had not been able to get the bicyclist’s license plate number.

After posting an account of the incident on a Trumbull Facebook page, Ross received dozens of supportive replies, including many urging her to carry pepper spray or sign up for self-defense classes.

Ross said she plans to do just that, but for the immediate future would definitely keep Flash on a leash. And she will find a new place to walk with him.

“I will never walk those woods again because this man still exists,” she said.